10 Winter Must-Haves for Babies

10 Winter must-haves for babies is here to help the first-time mothers, list down the baby essentials you will need before Winter arrives. If you worry about missing out anything, here is the article for you.

Winter. It is cold, breezy, and wet. No wonder many people do not find winter fun, especially parents with little ones. Babies cannot regulate their body heat as easily as adult can. A little draft inside the home can make your baby catch a cold. A quick trip outside takes longer prep time to make sure the little one is warm enough.  

This does not mean that keeping the baby indoors during winter is good either. Unless it is dangerously cold outside, you can go out for a short time to let your child get some fresh air. The outdoors will also help your child acclimate to the different seasons.  

So, how will you dress your baby to keep them warm but not too warm? What items are essential when you need to take your child out in the cold? What clothes will make changing diapers easier? Let’s find out.

10 Winter Must-Haves for Babies

10 Winter Must-Haves for Babies

Bodysuits or Onesies 

As an adult, we wear extra layers to keep the cold away. A baby’s body does not adjust to the cold the same ways as adults do. That is why you should add an extra layer when dressing your baby. For example, if you wear two layers of clothes, bundle your little one in three layers.  

The bottom layer should be warm and snug. Snapped bodysuit will make diaper changes easier. You don’t have to undress your baby to change his or her diaper. Short sleeves bodysuits can work as a bottom layer. Long sleeves bodysuits, especially the thicker ones, can be used for fewer layers. If your baby will be wrapped in blankets, thick long-sleeved bodysuits may be enough.  

Elastic Waist Pull-on Pants 

Cotton and fleece pants are good choices for winter clothes. They can keep the baby warm without making them feel stuffy. Jeans may look adorable, but elastic waist pull-on pants make it easy to put on and remove.  

Socks and Booties 

When the weather is cold, isn’t it comfortable to wear soft warm socks? Keep your baby’s feet warm with socks. But we all know how hard it is to keep those cute socks on your baby’s tiny feet. If your little one likes to kick, putting them on booties may help keep their socks on longer. And as socks are prone to losing their pair, buy plenty of pairs.  

Beanies and Hats 

Science had debunked the myth that body heat escapes from the head when not covered. Still, wearing hats or beanies even at home can help babies keep their head warm. Beanies will be easier to keep on your baby’s head too. When going out, you can use hats with flaps to keep them in place.  


We wear gloves for warmth, or in case we’ve forgotten them, rub them together or keep them in our pockets. Babies are too little to rub their hands together to keep them warm. Mittens will help in keeping their hands warm. This is another item to buy in multiple pairs. 

Swaddle Blankets 

Regular blankets are often enough as another layer of warmth. For harsher climates, your baby will need thicker insulation. Regular blankets tend to come off when you carry your baby around. Swaddle blankets will provide a snug warmth even when you carry them around.  

10 Winter Must-Haves for Babies

Car Seat Covers or Stroller Covers 

When going out is inevitable, do not forget car seat covers and stroller covers. Even when you bundle up your baby in layers, his or her face will still be exposed. Stroller covers will shield them from the wind that may chapped their skin. Find a model that can make moving from car to stroller a breeze.  

Healing Salves or Balms 

Speaking of chapped skin, another winter must-have for babies is healing salves and balms. Cold wind can cause dry lips and chapped skin to your baby. To keep your baby warm before dressing your baby in layers, you can use warming balms or oils. Coconut oil can also be used as warming oil. For chapped skin, there are also healing salves available for babies.  

Bottle and Food Warmer 

When venturing outside with your little one, getting them bundled is not the only thing to think about. Keeping your baby’s food or milk warm is also a challenge, especially when taking long trips. If your baby doesn’t like drinking cold milk or eating cold food, packing a food warmer for longer trips is a must. There are battery-operated food or bottle warmer available.  


Winter air can dry out the moisture in the air. This can cause dry skin and nasal passages. By placing a small humidifier in your baby’s room, you can help keep the moisture in the room, especially when your baby caught a cold. 

As a parent with a newborn or a baby, we worry about bringing the little one out into the cold weather. Stock up on the above winter must-haves for babies. That way, you and your little one can explore and experience the season shiver and worry-free. 

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