Baby Potty Training

Baby potty training is a must-learn lesson for all the new parents. Parents will eventually anticipate the date of their little one to be potty trained when the time comes. In this article, we will share about how most mothers potty trained their little ones and some handy tips to make the process easier and successful.

This is a huge milestone to be achieved when the baby is growing become a toddler. There is no specific time for best potty training. What is important, watch out for the times when your little one is ready to get potty trained and both of you will have to work together to make it a success.

Baby potty training

Baby Potty Training

Learning to use a potty like an adult is a must-learn skill for all the babies when they are moving to toddlers stage. To get baby potty trained, it can take some time. Ditching their diapers and sitting on the potty to do their little business is not as easy as 1,2,3. Some babies will have nailed it in just few days but some will take weeks or even months.

Some babies are able to get potty trained when they are about 18 months to 2 years of age and some babies are only managed to get trained when they are over 3 years old. It does not matter. It is a skill that take times for your baby to develop. Parents shall look for sign when their babies are ready and give potty a try.

It is not only a huge development for the child, but also a huge savings that help to shave off huge spending on diapers.

We will guide you, step-by-step on how to go about it. Let’s get started.

A potty plan

It is not a write-up plan but a plan in your mind how to get your baby to use the potty in the first place. Decide when and how to start, and execute it when you think your little one is ready to be potty trained. Sometimes, you will have to anticipate possible accidents and you will have to do something to handle it.

Every child is different, each one will respond to the potty training attempts differently and your technique may not work for training other babies. Your baby may also seems to work really good initially and fall back along the way before they are fully trained. Do not rush, you just need to stay positive and try again after a while.

A baby potty training tool

Baby potty training

Get a potty chair or a baby potty seat to be placed on top of the adult toilet, or a baby seat with a ladder that is able to attach securely to the adult toilet and a step stool. There are multiple choices of baby potty you can find in the market. Find one that suits your baby liking. You may need to prepare baby wet tissues, to wipe clean your baby’s little bottom and plenty of cute little under pants with his/her favorite cartoon characters.

Some babies will be scared of adult toilet, as they may fear of falling as the toilet seat is much wider. Do get him a suitable baby seat that is comfortable and a step stool to help him sit on the toilet securely. Once he feels comfortable, he will likely to sit there again.

Get a water proof bedsheet cover to be placed on the baby’s bed, in the case of accidents happen during the nap time or bedtime, it is easy to clean up.

A routine practice every day

Sit your child on the potty each day at times when he is likely to have a bowel movement or 30 minutes after eating or drinking. Let your child sit on the potty while you play with him or give him a book. If he refuses to sit on it, you may try again after few days.

If he happens to pee or poop in the potty, offer compliments every now and then on their dry diaper or underwear. Do let him knows that he is doing very well. Learning to use the potty depends on how fast your little one understand and pick up the idea that it is ok to pee or poop in the potty.

Another way of doing is to let your child diaperless during daytime when both mother and child are at home. Get ready to get messy as accidents will happen. Your child will not like to get his pant wet and will ask for help. “Opps, mummy, accident!”

Therefore, every 30 minutes after eating or drinking, sending your child to the potty is essential. Do let him knows that he shall pee in the toilet instead of peeing on the floor. Your child will eventually pick up the idea that when he needs to do his little business, that is in the potty or toilet and not on a nappy anymore.

Your little ones will take some times to learn how to control over their bladder and bowel movement. Therefore, accident will happen and what we need to do is to clean it up calmly and remind your child to try get to the potty in time next time.

Some babies will nail it after 3 days. Some babies will take longer, maybe weeks or even months as some of them will start to fall back along the way and we need to start over again.

For all the new parents out there, slow and steady are the key for baby potty training. Let your child has his own pace of learning new skill, shouting and yelling when accidents happen will not work here and instead, will likely to cause stress to the child and the potty training will likely to fail.

Let us recap of what are the important messages highlighted in the article:

  1. Get your child a potty chair or potty seat that is comfortable.
  2. Let your child sits on the potty willingly. If he refuses to sit on it, try again after few days.
  3. Every 30 minutes or so after eating and drinking, let him sit on the potty. Give him a book to read or play with him.
  4. If he happens to pee or poop inside the potty, offer compliments to encourage him to do it again next time.
  5. Do expect for messy floor, as accidents will happen during the training period.
  6. Clean it up calmly and talk softly to your child that he needs to get to the potty in time next time.
  7. Slow and steady, do not compare with other children as every child learns new skills at their own pace.

Finally, ditch off night diaper

If you have succeeded to potty trained your child go without diaper in the daytime, then, you are almost to the end of the potty training. Now, when it comes to the night time, it will be easier as your child has picked up the skill and learn to control his bladder better.

Make sure he goes to the potty before bedtime and ask him to go to the potty in the middle of the night when necessary. Monitor his diaper after he wakes up in the morning. If he has a dry diaper the whole night, offer compliments every now and then. After few weeks with dry diaper every night, you can ditch off night diaper too.

Kudos parents, you have made it to the end of baby potty training! You deserve a pat on the shoulder!

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