Mommy and Baby Podcast

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Not all women have it easy when it comes to getting pregnant. If you want to get pregnant fast and easy, this episode is for you, where we provide you with helpful tips. 

With the increasing cost of living and inflation, the fertility rate in the big cities is in trouble. Who would want to raise a child if you don’t have a stable job? 
If you want to better prepare for your child’s arrival financially, here’s the episode for you.

In this episode, we got 7 reasons how women are categorized as having a high-risk pregnancy. Being in this category means you have to be extra careful with your body to ensure a healthy baby once you give birth.

Are you suspecting that you’re pregnant? If you haven’t taken a pregnancy test yet, you might want to listen to this episode first. In this episode, we cover the early signs of pregnancy. 

From 0 – 13 weeks since your last menstrual period is considered the first trimester of pregnancy. A lot of changes will take place – the question is are you ready? Here are the things you can expect so you can prepare better.