Newborn Baby Clothes

For those expecting mothers out there, I am sure you have waited long enough, for the past 9 months, just can’t wait to meet your baby soon when your due date is near. Before you start to prepare your hospital bag, I would like to share some insights and tips on how to pick newborn baby clothes.

Most parents-to-be find buying newborn baby clothes to be the most delightful and gratifying experience in their life. I am sure when you see there are many varieties of choices of cute tiny babywear in the market, you may feel like buying all of them home. Are you making the right choices? Here is what you should know before you have feelings of impulse-buying to bring them home at once.

What you need to know when picking up newborn baby clothes?

Don’t buy a lot

No matter how cute the baby’s wear is, do not buy or attempt to buy too many newborn baby clothes. Babies will grow out of their outfits fast and you do not want to keep a full cupboard of cute baby wears sitting untouched after a few weeks. Some of them may still look brand new!

If you plan to have baby showers, you will be also getting newborn clothes as gifts from your relatives and friends. Therefore, you could end up saving some money. You can save that money and buy more other baby essentials like diapers and infant formula (if you are not breastfeeding).

Just stock up some basic ones before baby arrives, in newborn size, and a few more in 3-6 months sizes.

Easy wearing

Look for newborn outfits that are easy to put on and get off from a baby. Usually, wide stretchy neck hole shirts or open-front shirts are easy to manage when handling a newborn. Sharing with you, a video to demonstrate how to dress a newborn easily with this kind of outfit.

Type of materials

Look for newborn baby clothes that are made of 100% cotton. They are soft and breathable. 100% cotton clothes may shrink after repeated washing. Polyester/cotton ones are less expensive and are more resistant to wrinkles and shrinking.

Organic baby clothes can be a better option. If 100% organic, it means that the cotton which is used to make these clothes, was grown without the use of pesticides and other chemicals. You need to check on the label for this type of clothes.

Choose your newborn clothing according to the season. If your due date falls in Winter, you have to prepare babywear that can keep him nice and warm. Or else, dressing him a singlet or a shirt with a thick swaddle blanket can be great too.

Certain babies will develop rash or redness behind the neck area, it can be due to abrasion when the tag behind the shirt is constantly touching on your baby’s skin. You can try to cut off all the tags before you let your baby wear them.


Usually, infants will grow out of their outfits really quickly. So always go for larger sizes. Here are the general sizing labels for baby clothes.

Newborn0-3 Months
3 months3-6 Months
6 months6-9 Months
9 Months9-12 Months

Loose clothing is more comfortable.


Buy baby clothes that are diaper-friendly. You need to change your baby’s diaper frequently and without the need of taking off the whole outfit. Therefore, look for babywear or sleepwear that has snaps at the crotch. It is easier to change diapers by pulling down over your baby’s body and removing it, not to pull them over the head and disturb your sleeping baby.

Newborn baby clothing should be as simple as possible to avoid anything pulled off by those little hands. It is best to choose baby clothing without buttons or ribbons. Check on them regularly if you have those types of clothing with buttons and ribbons, make sure they do not come off easily.

Choose unisex or neutral newborn baby clothes. Pick more gender-neutral colors for babies such as white, green, or yellow colors over blue or pink. You can save them for your second or third child in the future.

Newborn baby clothes: Safety tips

Wash before use

You will never know what are the ingredients they use to process the baby clothes. To be on the safe side, always wash your newly bought baby clothes before use.

Check on quality

Have a thorough check on quality before you let your baby wear them. Check if there are any drawstrings, loose buttons or defective zippers, etc. Sometimes, you may encounter some clothes defects like drawstrings and loose buttons after repeated washing. Anything that comes off baby clothing can be a choking hazard. So it is best to remove it or fix it immediately.

Choosing suitable sleepwear

Find suitable baby sleep bags over a loose blanket in your baby’s crib or bed. If you swaddle your baby to sleep using a swaddle blanket, make sure it will not come loose before the baby wakes up. A loose blanket may put your baby at risk of suffocation hazards. Sharing with you, a video on how you swaddle your baby to sleep with this type of sleep bag. Always check your room temperature to avoid the baby getting overheated if you swaddle him to sleep.

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