Traveling with the kids

If you were an avid traveler when you were single, traveling with the kids is a whole new experience. It may sound a little daunting to some, if you have more than one child!

Are you a fan of traveling light? Packing light is trickier with kids in tow, especially when they’re still babies or toddlers. It is not impossible, but you must understand that your travel preferences are no longer the priority.

What to pack when traveling with the kids

There are travel items you must bring while others that depend on the age of your kid. The older they are, the less you have to worry about whether you’ve packed enough. Then again, we’re mothers. It is part of our job description to worry.

5 things you must prepare when traveling with the kids

Plan your trip well.

Flying, for most adults, can be quite relaxing and we are able to pass the time by reading a magazine, listening to music or just snoozing the hours away. Kids, however, need something to distract them from having sit in their seat for the entire road trip or flight.

Packing a bag full with books, favorite toys, and snack can be a good idea. Have a mix of old and new toys so that they can play with for extended periods. Don’t forget to keep some new toys when the need arises especially during the fussy and cranky moments.

Traveling with the kids

Accommodations and sleeping arrangement

If you have more than one kid with you on the trip, plan to have a big hotel or motel room with a two king sizes beds. If possible, with a small kitchen where you can boil water and prepare your baby food or formula. The most important thing is it must be nice and comfortable, to let everyone have a good night’s sleep after the activities you have planned.

First aid box

Children are prone to cuts and bruises. Pack a small bag with bandages, antibiotic ointment, insect repellent, plaster, and medicines for fever, flu and cough.


If you want to avoid hungry kiddos, pack light yet satisfying snacks to them at regular intervals. Cookies, cheese, bread, sandwich, fruits are suitable for traveling kids.

Toys and drawing book

Most parents find that coloring book and coloring tools are useful to keep them busy for a while. Some older children may want to read books and play games. Keep your digital gadgets fully charged and it will help to keep them entertained during the long haul hours. For younger children, wrap up some new toys and show to them when it is needed. This will never fail to cheer them up.

Traveling with the kids

Whether or not that you will be traveling alone or with your partner, your packing checklist will vary when you’re traveling with the kids. Besides these 5 important things, we also have listed down some essentials items, include them in your travel must-haves with kids.

Passports and Identification Certificates.

Pack your child’s passport together with yours, so you won’t misplace it. If you’re traveling with older kids, keep them so it won’t get lost. Some countries may require additional documentations such as birth certificates and consent letter from the other parent, if you’re traveling alone with your child.

Information card.

A child can get lost even with your best effort. Prepare for contingencies, such as having your contact information with your child. Write it on a piece of paper tucked in their pockets or a small card attached on their belt loops. If your child likes to wander around, consider putting a GPS tracker on his/her phone or shoes.

Wet wipes and tissue.

When you’re traveling with an infant or a toddler that is not yet potty-trained, bring more wet wipes than you thought you would ever need.

Laundry soap and baby-safe dishwashing liquid.

Bring this in case you cannot find the brand you use in your travel destination. This will also minimize laundry service cost if you clean off small stains or wash sweaty clothes.

Diapers, diaper cream, and changing pad. Bring two to three times more than you would often need in a day. Your destination might not have the size or brand that your baby uses.

Formula and clean water. Even when your baby is breastfed, it’s good to have a milk formula for back up. Also, clean water in feeding bottles.

Easy-on, easy-off outfits. Outfits that are easily removed makes changing diapers less of a hassle.

Blankets and sheets. If the hotel you’re staying at offers a crib, then you can leave this. Blankets during the travel is necessary to keep your little one warm. Pack a clean sheet for the crib even when the hotel offers one.

Stored bought packed baby food. It is a good on-the-go baby food to feed a hungry baby on the board.

Shoes. Pack at least two pairs of shoes. They tend to go missing along with the socks. So, pack extra socks too.

Spill-proof cups and toddler-sized utensils. Include your toddler in mealtimes by letting him/her have her own set of utensils. Let them try new tastes and cuisines in moderation.

Blankets and sheets. Babies and toddlers are more sensitive during bedtime. They would look for familiar scents and textures. Bringing their favorite blankets or sheets will help ease their bedtime stress.

To wrap up..

Traveling with kids is a great way to expose them to different cultures and teach them to be adventurous. Plan and pack according to your child’s needs and preferences and expect that not everything goes as planned. Don’t take away the fun from your traveling by worrying about the little things and packing too much luggage.

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